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Photos - Mussel Bed Soiree

Wet but fun! Tanya's announcing duties are never done!

Who wants a beach ball?

We got balls!

Brett Kissel is now an honorary newfie!

Brett Kissel mixing us a drink!

Brett Kissel doing his thang!!

Brett Kissel and his band getting the Screech in treatment!

Chris Murphy of Sloan is Tanya's little helper!

Some of the crowd!

Tanya was wet but she still got the crowd all roiled up!

Pucker up Brett!

Randy Connors and Brett Kissel

Tanya Brown and Brett Kissel Selfie!

Tanya in her glory meeting Brett Kissel!

Tanya getting a little help from Chris Murphy of Sloan blowing up beach balls for the crowd! Did you ever have a job where you think, "gee, this job blows?"

Tanya with K-Rock station manager, Dave Hillier. Gotta be on best behavior when the boss is around! ;-)

Tanya with Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace. I'm pretty sure she swooned and fainted shortly after this pic was taken!

Tanya taking a selfie with the sexiest man in radio...Sonny Ennis!

Tanya taking a selfie with K-Rock sales manager...Randy Connors.

The Gangs all here!

Tanya, Stef Dalley and Randy Connors.

Who wants a beach ball...hands up!!

Renewed for Season 2!

6th Annual K-Rock Pumpkin Drop

$12,000 KFX!

Airbus Landing In Gander

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